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This game is a must try if you are looking for a low-end MMORPG
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Actoz Soft Co., Ltd. / Anipark/ Sify

A3 (Art, Alive, and Attraction) is a fantasy MMORPG from Korea (developed by Actoz Soft and Anipark) aimed at adult audience. There are 4 character classes: Mage, Archer, Holy Knight and Warrior. Each class has its own skill tree, as well as associated pets and spells. Players can also buy a mercenary of their own choice.

Similarly to other games, players perform quests and hunt monsters in order to level up and uncover pieces of the game's story. There are special quests and normal ones, with special quests revealing a bonus cinematic upon completion. Players can also engage in item crafting in order to upgrade existing items or create new ones, and even open their own shops or engage in a bit of gambling via minigames, as a part of the game's economy.

The game requires a very low system configuration, and it can be played on low-end systems smoothly. The official server of the game is based in Korea and is exclusive for people over there. The official English server - A3 India - is still in business running with many players on it. The game follows a Episode-wise saga, with new twists in every new episode. To this date, 5 episodes have been released; currently, Episode 5 is the latest, with new maps, new bosses and new God-bosses. Though the A3 India server is still using Episode 3 client (as their contract with Actoz soft was liquidated), no specific details can be found on the matter.

Anshul Rawal
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  • Great Story
  • Low system requirement
  • Easy to use ingame interface
  • Addictive


  • Bad Graphics
  • Many Bugs
  • No Real Newbie guide
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